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Akads GRS003H God is my Refuge


Akads GRS003H God is my Refuge”. The world has changed, and it appears everything is now upside down. Wars, rumors of wars, epidemics, frustrations, economic hardships, and other vices have all combine to make the world a difficult place to live. We need a place of refuge to be able to survive. Aside from the troubles in the world, we all pass through the challenges of life just as the saying goes that life is not always on bed of roses but full of ups and downs.

Every time you face the waves, how do you react?

Do you panic, hopeless, angry, discouraged or even contemplate suicide? No! that is not the solution, rather, run under the protection of God and He will shield you from all evil. He has promised that He will never leave nor forsake you.  Remember the phrase “Have faith in God”, Remember the phrase “Have faith in God”, trust Him and He will see you through.

You can get “Akads GRS003H God is my Refuge” as cotton, t- polyester material, or a mixture of both, and it can come as full design or pocket size design using sublimation or vinyl. You can have it as face cap, hoodie, sweatshirt, mouse pad, coffee mug, bag pack or anything you want to customize. Just tell us your preference and we will get it done. “Akads GRS003H God is my Refuge” is a wonderful statement that speaks volume, and it may be the reassuring words that your friend needs to braze up, reorganize his life and move on in life.  Just tell us your choice and we will wow you.

This beautiful Hoodie is good as casual wear, street wear, sport-wear. Why not grab one for yourself and your loved ones. Everything you wear needs to be communicating word of encouragements to your system and all of them will work and pray together to bring you good fortunes of life. Reaffirm your faith in God with this wonderful design “Akads GRS003H God is my Refuge”, and you will be glad you did. Here is a beautiful inspirational message for you.


Ash, Black, Pink, White


L, M


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